Tipping the scales at just 2.5lbs, the new Scout is everything you need when weight and space is at a premium. Perfect for fastpacking, crossing rivers, canyoneering, and mountain lake fishing.


Scout Seat

Add a scout Seat


So small and light that you won’t even notice it in your pack. We cut a pound off the original Scout by using new fabrics that shave weight while maintaining high durability. We also added the option of a lightweight seat that makes for a much more comfortable paddling position. The Scout features 10-inch diameter tubes and no bells and whistles to keep the weight and bulk to the absolute minimum. Its everything you need for fastpacking, canyoneering, river crossings, and mountain lake fishing.


  • Handmade in Mancos, Colorado
  • 10” diameter tubes
  • Double valve with a large diameter dump and fill valve and an elbow top off mouth valve
  • 1 stern grab loop
  • New optional seat
  • Includes: Inflation bag, stuff sack, repair kit.


For the Scout, we optimised weight savings and pack-ability while maintaining sufficient tear strengths for the Scout’s intended uses.  The Scout tube fabric is a similar 210-denier High Count Nylon base fabric to our standard tube fabrics, but with a light polyurethane coating on both sides to minimise weight while maintaining air retention. Our Scout packraft floor is a 400-denier weight version of our 840-denier standard floor, which significantly reduces the weight and bulk of the overall boat.


Please see the Specification Chart

Design Story

When we originally started Alpacka Raft, the concept of a packraft was incredibly simple. Just a lightweight boat that you could fit in a pack and use to cross rivers, paddle out into lakes, and eat up the miles on a long traverse. Over the years, the packraft concept has evolved substantially to become the lightweight, warm, dry, and whitewater worthy boats found in our Alpacka Series, Whitewater Series, and Cargo Series.

Early on, as we started bringing new ideas into the Alpacka Series like spray decks, we realized the need to continue to offer a packraft that spoke to the original elemental concept that originally brought us into the sport. We introduced the Scout in 2008 to meet that need and little has changed since that time. To keep it simple and lightweight, we made the Scout with 10-inch diameter tubes and absolutely no bells and whistles.

For 2017, we’ve brought the Scout a little in both directions. First, working with new lighter fabrics including a 400-denier floor material, we were able to cut the weight down to 2.5 pounds. Second, we recognized that even the most elemental packraft still can use a few creature comforts so we came up with an optional seat that you can bring or leave at home depending on your adventure.


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