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Trekker Suit

Coastal Alaska can demand a lot from your gear. Ever try to hike in a dry suit? What about paddle in rain gear? Pretty miserable. The Trekker Suit combines the best features of both in a single lightweight packable suit that can be worn all day every day on both land and water.

Weight: 1.2 kg



The Alaskan coastline dishes out spectacular scenery and some of the harshest conditions on earth. Frequent storms bring driving rain, sleet, and bone chilling cold straight off the North Pacific. To travel in this terrain, you need a truly amphibious suit that can be worn all day every day whether you are hiking or floating. The Trekker was designed for exactly this purpose and has been proven on multiple expeditions through the toughest conditions on earth, including Erin McKittrick and Brentwood (“Hig”) Higman’s incredible 4,000 mile year long traverse from Seattle to the Aleutian Islands.

The Trekker features a lightweight Pertex® 3-layer waterproof breathable hooded top with a durable oray® Dermizax EV 2-way stretch waterproof-breathable bottoms separated by our innovative Split-Zip system.  In order to balance the functionality between hiking and paddling, the Trekker does not provide immersion protection but relies on rubberized closures at the neck, wrists, and ankles to keep rain and spray out.  The Trekker also includes removable booties that keep you dry when you are in the water but can be stored away for hiking, saving wear and tear on them.


  • Alpacka Raft Exclusive
  • Made in USA by Kokatat
  • Top: Pertex® 3-layer waterproof breathable – 110g/m2
  • Bottoms: Toray® Dermizax EV 2-way stretch waterproof-breathable – 161g/m2
  • Split-Zip entry system
  • Marsupial style front pocket
  • Full feature hood and neck zipper
  • Splash resistant rubberized velcro neck, wrist, and ankle closures
  • Colors: Grey Bottoms, Blue or Green Top
  • Weight: 2 lbs 13 oz
  • Packed size: 8” x 12”

Sizing chart

Waist Size Max Chest Size Women’s Size
     <28″ 37″ 6 W Small
28″-32″ 40″ 8 W Medium M Small
32″-34″ 43″ 10-12 M Medium
34″-37″ 46″ 12-14 M Large

Our paddling suits are sized primarily on your waist and chest size as the Split-Zip design accommodates a wide range of heights. Women’s Paddling Suits are shorter than the Men’s and are a better fit for men under 5’8”.


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